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Wrist Tattoos 101: Designs For Men & Women with Meaning

wrist tattoo

Depending on the artist’s skills, a tattoo looks amazing on any body part. However, it all depends on what kind of design it is, and what message they want to tell the viewer. In this article, we will be discussing about tattoos on wrists. A person’s wrist is perhaps one of the coolest body parts to put on a tattoo design. Even though it does have its drawbacks – The person will feel much more pain when they get a tattoo on their wrist. That’s because the wrist is one of the more sensitive parts of a person’s body, and has less fat. The wrist is a very common body part where a tattoo can be seen right away. Both the design that you choose and its placement on your wrist is highly vital.

The wrist is a prominent part of a person’s body, in which several kinds of tiny tattoo designs are applicable, such as quote tattoos, flower tattoos, Celtic designs, bird tattoos, music symbol tattoos. Girls usually prefer to have small and cute designs, and bracelet tattoos as jewelry. The most common tattoo designs include nautical stars, tribal symbols, birds, angel wings, crosses, and infinity symbols.

wrist tattoo

Type of Wrist Tattoos

  1. Infinity Symbol Wrist Tattoos

Infinity is the symbol of endlessness. It is represented by a loop that resembles the number 8 in a lying position. The number continues to be used till today, in mathematics, and plenty of other aspects such as tattoo art, and this is where infinity tattoo designs come in. The infinity symbol is the simplest design among tattoos. It’s pretty much the ideal choice for those getting a tattoo for the first time, since it’s not a complicated design, nor does it cost too much to have it done. This tattoo design is not much painful, since there’s not much detailing dealt when it comes to inking this design.

  1. Angel Wing Wrist Tattoo

Angel wings can sometimes appear too large on a person’s wrist, or highly wrought, or perhaps too small in size. Aside from the wrist, the most popular spot for large angel wings is flanked across the shoulders, the upper back, the lower back, and the stomach. One more popular spot for smaller angel wings is the wrist, neck, and ankle. If you’re pressed for cash, it’s a good idea to get a small one on your wrist instead. Some of the mythical or frankly religious components expanding in reputation include angel wings tattoos. Angel wings tattoos can catch someone’s attention since they involve the divine bond between good and evil.

  1. Bird Wrist Tattoos

Bird tattoos have been really famous tattoo designs for more than a hundred years – Be it real or imaginary. Originally, this tattoo design was only popular with sailors and fishermen – But in the recent years, they have started to become increasingly famous for the ample varieties and artistic designs made by talented tattoo artists. Birds are often considered as a good metaphor and a strong indicator of one’s human emotions and phases of life. And because of this, birds are certainly the best choice made by the world, since they do represent a huge assortment of human emotions.

  1. Bracelet Wrist Tattoo

If you want to get a bracelet tattoo, then you have come to the right place. You might think that these bracelet tattoos would be actually more popular than they are, but you might be surprised to know that there aren’t too many bracelet tattoo designs out there, especially when you compare them to more popular designs like hearts or crosses. Bracelet tattoos are interesting, since they create that same feel and look as an actual bracelet, except you no longer have to take them on or off.

  1. Tribal Wrist Tattoos

Tribal tattoos originate from ancient times, with most of these tattoos carrying a deeper meaning. Nowadays, tribal tattoos combine the style of origin tribes, and modern features. From symbolizing a person’s social status and religious beliefs, tribal tattoos have turned into an individual form of artistic expression. Tribal tattoos all carry an expressive, rich, passionate, and ferocious look to them. This type of body art goes back to at least 5000 years ago. There are many forms of tribal tattoos, since they all depend on the diversity of various cultures, and tribal traditions.

Meaning of Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are some of the most unique types of tattoos. They’re very simple, but they mean so much to the wearer. They’re also the simplest kind of tattoos to be drawn. Getting a wrist tattoo is also less painful as compared to getting a tattoo in other parts of the body. So where exactly do these tattoos originate from?

Wrist tattoos started many years ago, and they were mostly worn by those who frequently went to sea, like sailors. The most common type of tattoo was the nautical star tattoo. Dove tattoos are highly popular among men and women. They comprise of a dove or a dove accompanied by many words or symbols. They can either be small or big, which makes them perfect for all parts of the body.

Ideal Placement of a Wrist Tattoo

Plenty of people wear wrist tattoos as a point of reference. So if you want to look for inspiration or words of encouragement, your wrist is definitely the right spot to put in a tattoo design, to wear as a daily affirmation to one’s self. Wrist tattoos that have a lovely or detailed design often looks the best when facing viewers. That’s because if it takes up a huge portion of your wrist and is not readable from an upside-down stance, it can be quite a big distraction. If you consider getting an upside down wrist tattoo, you end up diving into controversial waters. It’s very important to analyze exactly what it is that you want in order to see the design, and why you want the public to see the design.

Preparation tips for a Wrist Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your wrist or inner wrist is quite common, since it’s a region of sensitive nerves. Wrist tattoo pain is highly severe, as compared to other body parts. However, the intensity of pain is very different in people, depending on their threshold level of pain. But you can still enjoy wrist tattoos when you adopt the following procedures and care tips.

Ice is a great healer when it comes to tattoos and piercings. Place several cubes of ice inside a plastic sheet, and numb your skin with it before going for a wrist tattoo. The plastic sheet stops the skin from freeze burning as well. Make sure not to rub the ice on the skin too harshly, and not more than 10 minutes, or else the skin will suffer from frostbite.

Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Wrist Tattoo

The price of tattoo always includes the amount of time it takes to place on the stencil, and how it looks like when the tattoo is complete. In certain instances, your tattooist has made a customized look for your tattoo – And this can also contribute to the final price. The smallest charge when it comes to the by-the-hour quote is typically one hour, even if it’s a small tattoo that only took less than ten minutes to finish.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Wrist Tattoo

Benzocaine, Lidocaine, and Prilocaine chemicals used in plenty of anesthetic creams also numbs your skin. These topical anesthetics are constantly proven to be an effective soothing to relieve wrist tattoo pain, through acting on nerve endings on one’s skin. You may apply it on the area of being tattooed, since improper usage could lead to other problems. This allows you to easily get a tattoo, but make sure to pick some great designs or ideas before heading over to the tattoo shop.

After the tattooing process is done, swelling of the skin is common with oozing of blood plasma that pained a lot. If you have sensitive skin, bandaging is necessary to heal it. The bandage has to be close fitted with the skin, but not too tight that it could cause plenty of itching and swelling.

When the bandage is removed, proper cleaning of the tattoo region is very important, and one has to be careful about the hygienic condition of the bathing area. Most tattoo artists recommend a non-exfoliating bar soap for the ones that suffer from severe pain, by mixing it with mild warm water. Wash the placement area before and after you get the tattoo.

A scab usually means that the tattoo is going to be healed soon, and that the skin is drying up. Pulling and rubbing the scabs will traumatize the skin, and cause it to bleed again – So do not pick on them harshly. Allow it to heal naturally with time, for better results.

Do not expose your fresh tattoo with chlorinated water, since it’s filled with chemicals. Avoid swimming in outdoor lakes and rivers, so you won’t come into contact with bacterial and microbial infection.